Headlights—Morning Parade

Morning Parade is one of the all-encompassing great bands right now.  You won’t find any gimmicks here, just solid band goodness.   The lead singer, Steve Sparrow (he also plays piano and guitar) belts out songs that will make you say, “Yeah, Steve.  I’ll wash your dishes and clean your floors for the rest of your life if you’ll just sing for me.”   Phil Titus (bass), Chad Thomas (guitar) and Ben Giddings (piano/synths) certainly deserve praise, of course. Yet the drummer, Andrew Hayes,  wow… he just drives me crazy with love.  He goes off on a tangent without taking away from the music, which is a rarity.  It’s as if the rest of the band has said, “Okay, just ignore Andy and let him do his thing… he’s perfect that way.”  And he is. In fact, he opens almost every song….. Hayes drums and then the band lets loose.

Morning Parade Headlight Lyrics and Song MeaningThis is an intelligent band that you can sing along with (always a nice thing)… and I do.  Then, before I know what’s going on, I’m drumming on the steering wheel, the table, my knees…. Hayes again.

My first introduction to Morning Parade was Headlights.  It struck me because of something I was going through.  I’d just entered into a new relationship.  New + me = fight or flight = flight, always.  The initial thrill is taken over by a rabbit in the headlights side of me.  Sure, yeah, hold me and coddle me, but get too close and I’ll run.  I’m so predictable that way.   The song Headlights is about such a person—a person who has complete fear of rejection and a history of running.  At the first sign of danger, flight or fight kicks in and they take flight.  But in Headlights, the frightened person is finally going to stick it out and stay.  “Cause like a rabbit in your headlights, I am the beckon to your call.” Suddenly instead of a danger coming on like a car at full speed, no matter where this frightened person is, the headlights represent the guiding light that comes from the solid person they’ve always needed.

“I’ll keep my promises,”  “I won’t let you down,” “I’ll stick around,” this frightened person is determined to make the new relationship work, regardless of the fear—but there will always be fear.  They’ll probably always guess and err on the side of feeling rejected, but this new person in their life is so strong in their mission to love and protect, that they won’t let the rejection live long.  They are here to stay and help the runner stay.  “You’re steady as I come undone, you’re quietly bound.”  That strength is the only way for someone who defaults to flight or fight to stick it out.  Where the skittish person used to be predictable in running, they are now predictable in how they love: “Just say jump and I’ll say how high.” Sure, yeah, they’re still afraid, but they have someone solid who is going to get them through.

That’s my take on it, anyway.

Or it could be a phenomenological research approach to a song about a rabbit… but, um, I’m thinking not.

Or it could be a song I dedicate to my headlights and strength, Mark Tolson.

Complete Lyrics for Headlights by Morning Parade
      (see the official video of Headlights by Morning Parade, below)

Late like the evening sun,
I sink to the ground,
but I’ll keep my promises,
I won’t let you down.

Cause like a rabbit in your headlights,
I am the beckon to your call.
And like the early morning headlines,
I am all too predictable….
yeah I’m all too predictable…

You’re steady as I come undone,
you’re quietly bound,
but I’ll keep my promises,
I won’t let you down.

Cause like a rabbit in your headlights,
I am the beckon to your call.
And like the early morning headlines,
I am all too predictable….
yeah, I’m all too predictable

True like the first born,
weighed pound for pound.
I’ll keep my promises,
a thorn in your crown.

Cause like a rabbit in your headlights,
I am the beckon to your call.
Just say jump, I’ll say how high,
cause I’m all too predictable.

Yeah, I’m all too predictable.

Watch the official Morning Parade video of Headlights.

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