Ghost Songs – Micah Gilbert

Eriskay, South Uist, Scotland
Eriskay, South Uist, Scotland

Ghost Songs – Micah Gilbert

This song by Micah Gilbert (an American musician born in Athens, who now lives in Scotland) is a beautiful reminder – or an urging, rather – to stop carrying the heavy pain we feel.

Sometimes it just feels so damned comfortable to accept the role of the victim. You’ve been hurt. It hurts. It’s so unfair. Sometimes we really do just need to yell and scream, fists to the sky. It’s part of the process when we get hurt.

But what do you really want to do with all that pain? We miss so much when we try to control all of the horse-powered negative energy we’ve created inside of us when we are hurt.

Just as the trees can’t control the storms, neither can we. But like trees, we, too, can let the storms blow by, because eventually they will. There will always be storms, but after any storm, there is always another day, another perfect moment.

This is a pretty perfect moment by Micah Gilbert.

The blue horizon
Sees another sun
Rising slow
From ashes into dawn
The pink and the grey
Marching on the day
The humbling wind
Blows across your face

(The songs starts with hope. All that crap that happened yesterday is in the past.  It’s a new day. The message is obvious, but the wording is deliciously new poetically setting a gorgeous mood.)

Go on and sing your ghost songs
If they help you
Make your pain subside

(Go on, be the victim, if you feel you need that. You might need it for a moment, but then what?)

Feel the earth beneath your fingers
As you holler at the sky

(Of course, get it outscream out your pain.)

Tell your haunted dreams to the trees
Share them with the wind
Let your burdens go
And fall away
You can’t carry them

(In the end, no matter what, it’s just better to let all the pain go. You are, after all, part of this universe. The trees stand, the winds blow, all through terrifying storms, yet they still remain, as do you. The winds blow away, the trees drop their leaves, new changes come… you can’t continue to carry your old pain with you if you want to really live your life in a beautiful way.)

The hour here
Has finally come undone
What is it now
That keeps you on the run
A tumbling weed
That cannot find it’s place

(Okay, so finally everything has hit rock bottom, right? So why are you still running as if there is more from which to run? You’ve become like a tumbling weed that has no direction. You’re just out there… you and your fears and pain and anger, are all out there with no direction.)
Let the horses run
Let go of the reigns

(Stop trying to control all that negative power you’ve generated.  Let all those powerful emotions gofree to run away like the wild horses.)

Go on and sing your ghost songs
If they help you make your pain subside
Feel the earth beneath your fingers
As you holler at the sky
Tell your haunted dreams to the trees
Share them with the wind
Let your burdens go and fall away
You can’t carry them

(Again, we have to go through the process of experiencing all this stuff, but in the end, remember that the pain needs to be taken off your shouldersand you are the only one who can do that.)


Even though this song is one of a kind, if you have to put it into a category, think in terms of the Beatles or the Eagles.
The song is inspired by Suzanne.

Missed the Boat by Modest Mouse

Good Lord.

If there was ever a song to listen to after these elections. No matter which way you voted or didn’t vote.

Whenever I’m irritated at myself or other people (which is often), I listen to the song “Missed The Boat” by Modest Mouse, because it reminds me to stop taking everything so seriously.

Photo from the Vevo video for the song Missed the Boat, by Modest Mouse.

The lyrics are perfectly self-deprecating in such a way that hearing them actually reminds me that I’m not such a bad person after all.  We can all suck! Continue reading “Missed the Boat by Modest Mouse”