Rose by Dark Horse District

Dark Horse District has, perhaps, the coolest name for a band. Well, I like it anyway.  And I like the songs they’re churning out, even if they are only on EP’s right now.  My favorite song of theirs is “Never Was,” but following at a close second is “Rose,” which is an absolute spot-on, perfect wedding song.
Dark Horse District - song and lyrics for Rose
The meaning of “Rose” is fairly apparent and doesn’t really need to be broken down, except, perhaps, in the beginning… Continue reading “Rose by Dark Horse District”

Never Was by Dark Horse District

Never Was by Dark Horse District is obviously a song about grief. From there, I’d have to be able to read the songwriter’s mind to say for a fact that I knew what this song means. But I’m no mind reader. So, essentially, this is an eisegesis – the interpretation of a word or passage by reading into it one’s own ideas…. (and, no, don’t … Continue reading Never Was by Dark Horse District