Time To Pretend by MGMT

I love MGMT. They seem to understand one thing better than most people – and they don’t mind calling us out on it – life is full of stupid adults doing stupid things. They make fun of us. And they don’t hesitate to make fun of themselves, either.

Lyrics and Meaning of the song, Time To Pretend, by MGMT.

Time to Pretend is about these two young adults just breaking into this new stage of their life: “I’m feeling rough, I’m feeling raw, I’m in the prime of my life.” They ask the question: “What else can we do? Get jobs in offices and wake up for the morning commute?” As if that option is absolutely absurd for them.

Which, in fact, it is… they’re way too talented Continue reading “Time To Pretend by MGMT”

In Excelsis Deo by There Will Be Fireworks

New Christmas songs that aren’t cutesy and irritating – and aren’t remakes of the old good chorals – are hard to come by. And until now, there’s probably never been a seasonal Christmas song that could be added to a non-seasonal playlist.  Enter the song In Excelsis Deo by the Glasgow-based band There Will Be Fireworks.In Excelsis Deo by There Will Be Fireworks

What’s so brilliant about this song is the way it actually captures the mood we get when we go home for Christmas.  That special mood where the world has kind of stopped and you’re taken back in time to Continue reading “In Excelsis Deo by There Will Be Fireworks”

Kids by MGMT

MGMT has been deemed a “Brooklyn psychedelics” band, but the talent of Ben Goldwasser and Andrew Vanwyngarden shouldn’t be put into one slot. Yes, there’s some funky sounding music going on here, but it isn’t just noise for the head. There are words in some of their songs (reference Time to Pretend) that make fun of things, that say, “Look, sit up and stop being so stupid.” This is one of those songs.

MGMT Kids - song meaning with lyrics and a link to the official video.

Yes, we are all children at one point, adorable and cute. But soon we become adults and all our little pranks aren’t so funny any longer. Now there are Continue reading “Kids by MGMT”

Missed the Boat by Modest Mouse

Good Lord.

If there was ever a song to listen to after these elections. No matter which way you voted or didn’t vote.

Whenever I’m irritated at myself or other people (which is often), I listen to the song “Missed The Boat” by Modest Mouse, because it reminds me to stop taking everything so seriously.

Photo from the Vevo video for the song Missed the Boat, by Modest Mouse.

The lyrics are perfectly self-deprecating in such a way that hearing them actually reminds me that I’m not such a bad person after all.  We can all suck! Continue reading “Missed the Boat by Modest Mouse”